Food Technology

Food Technology

Faculty Coordinator

Mr T Clarke-Coyne

Faculty Staff

Mrs D Watkin-Jones
Mrs M Hughes – Technician

Food Technology is taught to all students in year 7, 8 and 9 as a carousel system within Design and Technology. Students currently spend about ten weks in each topic area and two one hour sessions. Home Economics (food and nutrition) can be chosen as an option subject in years 10 and 11 studied at GCSE level.

Key Stage 3

In year 7, the course focuses on correct measurement of ingredients, health and safety, cooker management, selection and competence in using equipment within the classroom, basic nutrition and awareness of healthy eating. Short practical tasks take place on a regular basis to develop student skills and competence.

Year 8 students are given opportunities to develop recipies in a design and make approach. Sketching and presentation of work is developed as part of key skills.

The year 9 course encourages students to become more aware as consumers, allowing opportunities for product analysis, costing and small group work.

Practical work plays an important role within key stage 3 as a whole. Where possible, Curriculum Cymraeg is included in the work being undertaken.

Key Stage 4

The GCSE course comprises of four areas of study:

  • Nutrition, diet and health throughout life
  • Factors affecting consumer life
  • Nutritional, physical, chemical and sensory properties of foods in storage, preparation and cooking
  • Food hygiene and safety

This is a practical based subject, allowing students to apply relevant knowledge and demonstrate food preparation/handling


Students are entered for the GCSE Home Economics: Food and Nutrition examinations with the WJEC. Both the higher and foundation tiers are available depending on the students suitablility.