Faculty Coordinator

Mrs V Gray

Faculty Team

Mrs L Garrett (second in Faculty)
Mr P Noble
Miss S Griffiths
Mrs G Jess
Mrs N Vyas-Adams
Mr G Hamm

Humanities Overview:

Studying Humanities means that the students are able to consider human values and attitudes in both the past and the present as well as considering how society is organised and develops. Moreover, students are able to apply their experiences to the wider local, national and global context.

In Year 7 students are taught Humanities as a competency based curriculum. There are 8 hours of Humanites lessons over the two week timetable. As the students have the same teacher this approach will improve transition for students from Key Stage 2 into Key Stage 3. The focus of this approach is to develop transferable skills and competencies such as literacy, numeracy and ICT in the Key Stage 3 curriculum through several humanities based projects. Create engagement in independent learning through an innovative and engaging curriculum for students in the 21st Century.

The projects are listed below:

  • Smart Brain
  • Why Chester
  • Wonderful World
  • Time Travellers
  • Who do you think you are?
  • Breaking News

The emphasis of all topics is that students learn and develop new skills that will enable them to be more confident learners and better citizens! We hope, through developing skills and competences as well as knowledge, to create independent enquirers, creative thinkers and reflective learners. We also hope to build social skills such as the ability to work as part of a team. A wide range of extra-curricular activities complements the planned timetable of lessons.

The competency based curriculum is designed to empower students with new skills that are transferable across all curriculum areas. These skills need to be further developed within Humanities and all other subjects and not just within Year 7.