Staff Structure

HeadteacherMrs J Lee
Deputy Headteacher

Acting Deputy Headteacher
Acting Deputy Headteacher

Acting Assistant Headteacher
Acting Assistant Headteacher

Mr A Clarkson (January 2023)

Mr S Roberts
Mrs L Easton

Mrs L Garratt
Mr D Owens Jones

Assistant ANCO
Mrs D Baugh-Hughes
Miss S Abel
Faculty Coordinator English
Assistant Faculty Coordinator English
Mrs C Booth
Miss A Shoosmith
Faculty Coordinator Maths
Assistant Faculty Coordinator Maths
Mr M Edwards
Mrs C Minshull
Faculty Coordinator Science
Assistant Faculty Coordinator Science
Miss K Green
Mr D Roberts
Faculty Coordinator Modern Foreign Languages
Assistant Faculty Coordinator
Miss L Medi
Mrs F Wood
Faculty Coordinator Design Technology
Assistant Faculty Coordinator
Mr M Sedgwick
Mrs T Crompton
Faculty Coordinator Humanities
Assistant Faculty Coordinators
Mrs L Garratt
Mr D Jones & Mrs L Ashford
Faculty Coordinator PEMiss G Gardner
Head of MusicMr E Winterbottom
Head of ICT/ComputingMr J Hayes
Head of Year 7 & Transition
Assistant Head of Year 7
Mrs E Owen-Jones
Miss N Halliwell
Head of Year 8
Assistant Head of Year 8
Mr G Hamm
Miss K Roberts
Head of Year 9
Assistant Head of Year 9
Mrs E Williams
Miss N Halliwell
Head of Year 10
Assistant Head of Year 10
Mrs S Owen
Miss F Roberts
Head of Year 11
Assistant Head of Year 11
Mr S Coyne
Miss B Young
Skills Challenge CoordinatorsMr M Mackie
Mrs K Smith


Mrs M McLean
Mrs C Evans
Mr S Clarkson
Mrs J Grice
Mrs J Prydderch
PA to HeadteacherMrs C Pickup
Business Manager

Business Manager Assistants

Mrs J Barnes

Mrs T Kocker

Digital Resource Centre and Cover ManagerMrs H Holland
Examinations OfficerMrs T Bharat
Data Officer
Network ManagerMr A Pattern
Catering ManagerMrs A Lang
School OfficeMrs S Malone
Mrs S Picken
Mrs J Wilkinson