DARLAND, Wrexham’s Hiddem Gem

Darland students soar to success in GCSEs a year early. Students from Darland High School are celebrating A*s in Mathematics and Numeracy GCSEs having sat them at the end of Year 10. Dr Edwards Head of Maths Faculty said “The students have worked exceptionally hard to cover both 2 year courses in 1 year. We want to ensure every student gets given opportunities to succeed in their areas of strength. They will now follow a more advanced course in Year 11, touching on elements of  A-Level mathematics.”

Darland sat at the top of the Wrexham Schools performance table from 2018-2019, and this summer’s superb results continue this upward trend. This September Darland welcomed new Headteacher – Joanne Lee.

Mrs. Lee brings with her a wide range of experience from her teaching career that spans over two decades, and draws on roles in Stoke-on-Trent, Nantwich, Widnes and most recently Wrexham. She started her teaching career as a Physics teacher in Widnes and says, “I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of schools, each school is unique with its own character.”

“From the first moment I walked into Darland High School I was impressed with the professionalism and warmth of the staff. They go above and beyond to ensure each child is supported in their studies”

“Darland topped the Wrexham league tables last year with the level 2 plus Wales Performance Measure, which is impressive. This summer’s results have seen further increases in performance in the new Welsh Education measure of Capped 9.”

“I am very excited to be working with such a committed team of professionals. As a school we have the needs of the child at our very core, regardless of ability. Our motto ‘Aspire Apply Achieve’ drives us forward as we embark on a journey of change.”

In September Darland opened its doors for the Annual Open Evening. Deputy Headteacher Mr Simon Corner said “We were completely overwhelmed by the response from parents, with over 900 people through our doors. The staff and students put on a festival of activities for visitors, it was a great opportunity for prospective pupils to come and see the school and experience the warm welcoming atmosphere.”

Mrs. Lee added “I am exceptionally proud of the students at Darland, I have extended an invitation to all parents of Year 5 and Year 6 students to come and see us on a normal working day; To book a tour and experience the calm working environment that makes this school a real Hidden Gem.”