Congratulations to our GCSE students!

Yet again Darland High School pupils are celebrating their GCSE results. The past few months have indeed seen extraordinary times with the summer exams cancelled along with many of the celebrations year 11 pupil look forward to. Although the school has had to re-schedule events such as the Year 11 Prom, today they were determined to celebrate GCSE successes with their students.

Assistant Headteacher Stewart Roberts said “Our students have worked extremely hard over the past 5 years to attain the GCSE grades they have picked up today, and we have seen a number of incredible sets of results by individuals. Just a few of these include (Photo Above with Cllr Rob Walsh- Chair of Governors and Headteacher Joanne Lee) Jessica Owen 8A*, 2A; Sasha Aldridge 6A*, 4A, 1B; Rachel Mclean with 7A*, 2A, 2B; Anabelle Bailey 9A*, 2 A; Abi Povey 7A*, 3A, 1C; Bethan Jones 7A*, 3A, 1B; Joe Baines 10 A*, 1C and James Mann 8A*, 1A, 1B. I am so pleased for them, they deserve these successes. Anabelle, Jessica and Bethan will now be moving on to the Maelor School in Penley to study A Levels and Joe, Sasha, James, Abi and Rachel will be studying A-Levels at Colleg Cambria.”

Deputy Headteacher Simon Corner said “I am very proud of the work ethic this year group has shown since they joined us in Year 7 and the way in which they have handled the recent difficult situation. It is testimony to their maturity and the support provided by their families”.

Headteacher Joanne Lee commented “Today has been a very special occasion, a chance for students to smile, see their teachers and friends and celebrate their hard work. Many are taking different routes with the majority going on to further studies in local A-Level schools and colleges, and a number starting local apprenticeships. Whichever path they have chosen we wish them every success, and staff have been on hand today to continue to support them with applications to college or 6th form. The last few months really have been a test of character for them all, with the uncertainty around exams and how grades were to be awarded. I am proud of the way they have conducted themselves. Regardless of the awarding systems in place, our students have worked exceptionally hard for these results and they deserve them. Whether they are going into education, training or employment we do hope they will pop back from time to time and let us know how they are getting on. I am also proud of the support I have been given from a wonderful team of staff who have worked together so effectively in what has been a uniquely challenging, but enjoyable first year as a Head”

Chair of Governors Cllr Rob Walsh added “I am so proud. After everything that has happened this year with the Covid lockdown, so much could have gone wrong. However, our staff and pupils battled on regardless and have achieved great results. Well done one and all”.

Year 10 Summer Exams 2020

Please see the latest guidance from Qualifications Wales

Year 10 learners 

Year 10 learners who were due to sit exams that would have led to a whole GCSE qualification this summer will be issued a grade following the same process as Year 11 learners. Teacher assessed grades and other evidence will be used to calculate a grade. 

Year 10 learners who were due to sit units that will lead to GCSE results next summer, will not receive a unit result. For those learners, there will be two options. They can choose to sit only the units they plan to take in summer 2021, with their overall GCSE grade calculated on the basis of that performance only. 

Alternatively, they can choose to sit the Year 10 units in summer 2021, along with Year 11 units. Whichever option a learner chooses, they will be awarded the best grade from either route. 


Darland High School will update this page as we receive more information.

School Counselling Information

Outside-In (school counselling service) runs a drop-in service every Tuesday 10am to 12pm at the Info shop (Lambpit Street, Wrexham), although this may change with the Government’s coronavirus precautions.

Young people can contact the Info shop to make a referral for counselling on 01978 295600.  Also on the ‘Young Wrexham‘ and ‘Childline‘ websites, there is information and support available.

You can follow Young Wrexham on Twitter and Facebook to find out whats happening in Wrexham.

GCSE Certificates 2019

If your child has an older sibling who left last summer and has not collected their GCSE certificates please send them to the school office on Wednesday 15th January to collect them.

Thank you