The Governors have a general responsibility for the effective oversight of the management of the school, and for agreeing the policies of the school, within a framework set by national legislation. Governors can be contacted through the school.



  • Mrs Joanne Lee

LEA Governors

  • Cllr Rob Walsh – Chair of Governors
  • Cllr Hugh Jones
  • Mrs Yvonne Davies
  • Mr Ian Edwards
  • Mr Rob Ratcliffe

Community Governors

  • Ms Elaine Lacey – Vice-Chair of Governors
  • Mrs Kay Andrew
  • Mr Bob Chowdhury
  • Mr Mike Jones
  • Mr Huw Roblin

Parent Governors

  • Mr Chris Cheffings
  • Ms Sally Jones
  • Mrs Gill Nicholls
  • Mrs Ines Roberts
  • Mrs Sarah Vye

Teacher Governors

  • Mr Ed Winterbottom
  • Ms Tina Dop

Non-Teaching Governors


Clerk to the Governing Body

  • Mrs Helen Holland


Governors minutes are available on request from the clerk to the Governing Body who can be contacted at