Library Resource Centre

Welcome to Darland High School Library!

Library Resource Centre Manager: Mrs H Holland

The library is open between 8.30pm and 3pm including break and lunchtime and is managed by the school Library Resource Manager who is available to assist with individual research, group work and recreational reading. It is open to all students to encourage reading for pleasure and promoting independent learning.

We have over six thousand books and as well as timetabled lessons, students visit individually or in small groups from lessons to enhance their learning experience. The library is an extension of the classroom environment.

Their is a fully networked ICT suite housing thirty computers with internet access in the adjacent room. Printing  facilities for coursework and projects etc are also available.

Students are entitled to borrow two books at any one time for a period of two weeks. Items may be renewed for a further period provided that they are not required by another borrower.

When will my child use the library?

All students in Year 7 will have an introduction to the library session in the Autumn term. This will explain the layout and procedures of the library and provide an opportunity to select books for recreational reading at home, for form time or for English lessons. Teachers and Teaching Assistants can arrange Library based sessions during lesson time to support classwork learning

Code of Conduct

We remind users of the library that this is a working environment in which ALL users must respect the need of others and do not disrupt the calm atmosphere we aim to maintain. Regretfully the use of mobile phones, private music, food and drink are not permitted.