Uniform and Appearance

At Darland we believe that a smart uniform is very important; it demonstrates the pride that students take in our school and themselves.

No extremes of appearance are acceptable – this includes hairstyles as well as dress and the school asks for the support of parents in ensuring their children dress and present themselves correctly. Any student not in full uniform or whose appearance does not meet our standards may be sent home. In case of unforeseen problems with uniform, parents should contact the appropriate Progress Coordinator. In accepting a place at Darland High School, parents/carers agree to these rules.

School uniform can be purchased from RAM Leisure. This mail order supply solution gives parents/carers the ability to order uniform and PE Kit 24 hours a day online. Orders can also be placed by phone or post and a school/home delivery service as well as an easy returns system is offered.

How to Order

RAM leisure are our suppliers of all other items of uniform and PE Kit. You can place your order with them online, by telephone or by visiting the shop on the Whitegate Industrial Estate in Wrexham.



Bottle green blazer with school crest
White school shirt with long or short sleeves (no fitted shirts)
School tie with crest
Green Check School skirt or Black School Trousers (no jeans, tight leg trousers or leggings)
Plain black or white socks or black tights
Plain black shoes with sensible heels and no large logos


Bottle green blazer with school crest
White school shirt with long or short sleeves
School tie with crest
Black school trousers (no jeans, tight leg trousers)
Plain black socks
Plain black shoes with no large logos

Optional uniform items*

Bottle green V neck pullover

*Although the blazer, shirt and tie are the formal uniform, parents may like to purchase pullovers to be worn under the blazer as an option. The School will still hold a limited stock of ties for students to purchase in an emergency.

PE Kit


Plain white T
Black shorts
White socks


Outdoor Kit

Green rugby shirt
Black shorts
Green knee length socks
Studded football boots
Gum shield – optional
Shin Pads

Indoor Kit

Plain white T shirt with no large logos
Black shorts

General Rules

Trousers must not be too tight and the style of trouser must allow a shirt to be tucked in properly. Ski pants, combat trousers, leggins or low-rise (hipsters) trousers are not allowed, nor are any adornments to the trousers like big buttons, large belts, buckles etc.

Skirts must not be too tight or have large splits.

Shirts must be traditional school shirt design so that they can be tucked into skirts and trousers properly. They must not be fitted, short or fashion shirts without a proper collar.

Shoes must be completely black and low heeled, any visible logos must be small. Trainers, boots and sandles may not be worn.

Socks/tights must not be coloured or patterned.

Outdoor Coats should fit over the blazer so that they can be worn to and from school in bad weather. Clothes that are not part of the official school uniform e.g. baseball caps, neck warmers, denim jackets, hooded tops, trainers or anything that we consider to be ‘street culture’, are not allowed either on the way to school or in school.

Jewellery – students may only wear an inexpensive watch and one pair of studs in the lower lobes. Hooped earings including sleepers are not allowed. No body jewellery is allowed (nose, tongue, lip, eyebrow, belly button etc.) The school will not be responsible for any injury caused by or to a body piercing. All jewellery brought into school is at the student’s own risk.

Hair should be natural colour. Hair styles must not be extreme; the minimum length is grade 2. The school will decide what is extreme and if you are in any doubt about your child’s hair style, please check with a senior member of staff. Head bands and hair bobbles should be of dark colour and not excessive. Hair flowers are not permitted. Tramlines, shaved designs in hair or shaved eyebrows are not permitted.

Make-up is only allowed if it is very subtle and is applied minimally. The school reserves the right to make that judgement and we will ask students to remove excess. Nail varnish is not permitted.

Equality and Diversity

The school is respectful of all faiths and where specific faiths require alterations to the uniform and appearance code, we will do our best to accommodate those needs. Students with a disability, who may need amendments to the uniform, will be accommodated. Parents are advised to contact the Headteacher.

Financial Assistance

The LEA operates a clothing scheme to help some families with the purchase of uniform. Application forms for a grant to help with the cost are available from Wrexham County Borough Council.