Working Party Membership

Student & Staff Wellbeing Working Party

The Members

  • Mr Michael Jones (Chair)
  • Cllr Andrew Bailey
  • Mrs Donna Adcock
  • Mr Phil Daniel
  • Mrs Elaine Lacey
  • Mrs Vicky Gray
  • Mrs Gill Nicholls
  • Mr Mark Perry
  • Mrs Lisa Easton (Ass Head)


  • Mrs Sue Roden

Standards & Acheivement Working Party

The Members

  • Mrs Yvonne Davies (Chair)
  • Mrs Kay Andrew (Vice Chair)
  • Mrs Jayne Davies
  • Mr Ian Edwards
  • Mr Michael Jones
  • Mrs Elaine Lacey
  • Mr Mark Perry
  • Mr Huw Roblin
  • Mr Andrew Taylor-Edwards
  • Mr Simon Corner (Dep Head)
  • Mr Stewart Roberts (Ass Head)

Finance, Staffing & Premises Working Party

The Members

  • Mr Phil Daniel (Chair)
  • Mr Bob Chowdhury (Vice Chair)
  • Mrs Kay Andrew
  • Mrs Yvonne Davies
  • Mr Ian Edwards
  • Mr Ifor Jones
  • Mrs Vikki Roberts


  • Mr David Davies


  • Any governor can attend (but not vote) any Working Party of which they are not a member.
  • The Chair of governors is an ex-officio member of all Working Parties.