English and Communication

English Faculty Coordinator

Mrs S J Davies

Faculty Staff

Mrs J Davies (second in faculty)
Mrs C Booth
Mrs T Lee
Mrs K Twigg
Mr G Morris

English is the main language of communication in the school. Students’ literacy is central to their ability to master the wider curriculum and important in ensuring the skill of communication is embedded for life long learning.


Students are taught in mixed ability groups in years 7 and 8 before being grouped for year 9. During this phase of education, students develop their skills of reading, writing and oracy. The work produced and the skills developed takes place through a literature focused course.

In each year students produce six portfolio pieces which are used to track progress through the key stage, these include a transactional and imaginative piece of writing, response to both transactional and literacy materials and individual and group based oracy pieces.


Key stage 4 builds on the firm foundation established during key stage 3.

Students continue to be taught in groups and develop their reading, writing and oracy skills through the study of a range of literature from pre 1914 to modern.

Two GCSE courses are studied during years 10 and 11, English Language and English Literature with controlled assignments being completed during the course. The GCSE English Language and English Literature are offered at both foundation level with grades C to G being awarded and higher level with grades A* to D being awarded. English is offered at Entry level for those students who find the GCSE course too demanding.