Faculty Coordinator

Mrs V Gray (History)

Faculty Staff

Mrs V Gray
Miss S Griffiths

Subject Overview:

History makes you appreciate that people in the past were not just ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but motivated in complex and inconsistent ways, just like us. History helps you to develop the skills to look beyond the obvious, to ask questions properly and to express your own opinions.

Key Stage 3

In Year 8, students have 2 hours of History over the two week timetable in which the Tudors to the Stuarts are covered. In Year 9, students have 3 hours over the two week timetable in which the Industrial Revolution to the Twentieth Century are covered.

Key Stage 4

The History GCSE course we follow is the WJEC Route B, History GCSE.

There are 3 study units. One of these will be an outline study ‘Developments in Sport, Leisure and Tourism in Wales and England, 1900 to present day’, another will be an in-depth study ‘Germany in Transition, 1929-1947’ and the third will be a thematic study ‘Changes in Crime and Punishment, c.1530 to present day’.

There are 2 examination papers in History, these count for 75% of your overall grade. There is also a controlled assessment, this counts for 25% of your overall grade.