Faculty Coordinator

Mrs J Emmitt (Welsh)

Assistant Faculty Coordinator

Mrs F Wood (French)

Faculty Staff

Mrs E Johnson (Welsh)
Mr A Pearce (Welsh)

Mrs A Hancock (French)
Miss C Wix (French)


The Welsh section of the Languages Faculty is very successful, enthusiastic and hardworking.

Mae’r Gymraeg yn adran llwyddiannus, brwdfrydig a gweithgar.

Welsh is taught as a second language only in this school and the department’s ultimate aim is to produce students who can communicate through the medium of Welsh.

Fel ail iaith yn unig, y dysgir y Gymraeg yn yr ysgol hon, ac amcan yr adran ydy cynhyrchu pobl ifanc fydd yn medru cyfathrebu trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg yn y pen draw.

With all the exciting developments in Wales today – people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of the language. It can be of an enormous advantage in a wide range of careers and jobs.

Gyda’r holl ddatblygiadau cynhyrfus yn y byd Cymraeg heddiw – mae pobl yn dod yn fwy ymwybodol o bwysigrwydd yr iaith. Gall fod o fantais aruthrol mewn amrywiaeth helaeth o yrfaoedd a swyddi.

We attempt to nurture our students’ positive attitude towards their Welshness through dynamic teaching and also by a variety of activities to promote the language.

Ceisiwn feithrin agweddau positif tuag at gymreictod trwy ddysgu dynamig ar lawr y dosbarth a hefyd trefnu gweithgareddau i hybu’r iaith.


French has never been more important and at Darland we like to start early. French is a very popular and successful subject. French staff at Darland are involved with visiting the primary feeder schools to teach taster lessons to students in Year 6. All students study French at KS3. In KS4, GCSE is offered in French and students can practise their use of the language on study visits to France and through various activities that are organised in school.

The language comes alive with our extremely popular annual visit to Chateau Du Baffy in Normandy. Here students immerse themselves in French life and culture. Visits to the famous Bayeux Tapestry and town, St Michel and a goats cheese factory help keep the students suitably entertained and focused and help students linguistic skills.