Faculty Coordinator

Mr T Clarke-Coyne

Faculty Staff

Mrs S Mann
Mrs M Hughes – Technician

Key Stage 3

In years 7, 8 and 9, the students study the fundamentals of textiles by producing various textile items for example:

  • Year 7 – Fleece and Felt Phone case
  • Year 8 – Upcycled Outrageous Owl
  • Year 9 – Designer Cushion

Students are encouraged to use computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture (CAM) in the design and construction of the various items wherever possible. This enables the students to learn the basic skills while still producing a useful individual article.

Key Stage 4

The course on offer at present:


This course is designed to cater for all students of varying abilities, both in the theory and practical aspects of textiles. Although there is a good degree of supervision, the students are expected to research and plan their briefs on an individual basis, in so doing showing their individuality, design potential and flair. The course is divided into two areas:

  • Practical – 60% – two pieces of practical work supported with a written A3 portfolio

Practical Task 1 – 20% (Year 10)

The students will design an item from a design brief given by the examination board; this will last ten hours of time and supervised activity which will result in a portfolio of four A3 pages and a constructed item.

Practical Task 2 – 40% (Year 11)

A further task is undertaken resulting in a portfolio of ten A3 pages and a textile product.