Welsh Baccalaureate

Welsh Baccalaureate

Faculty Coordinator

Mrs N Vyas-Adams

SLT Link

Mr S Roberts – Assistant Headteacher

Delivery Team – TBA

About the qualification

The Welsh Baccalaureate adds a valuable new dimension to subjects and courses studied at Key Stage 4. It encourages independance and adds ‘real life’ experience to the curriculum. By combining personal development skills with established qualifications like GCSE’s and BTEC’s the Welsh Bac is a wider award that is valued by both employers and colleges.

Key Stage 3

Skills developed at Key Stage 3 will be essential to completion of Welsh Bac at Key Stage 4. Basic skills and key skills delivered both through other subject and discreetly in form time/additional lessons will enable learners to successfully fulfil the requirements of the qualification (see below).

Key Stage 4

All aspects of the learning experience at Key Stage 4 may contribute to competion of the Welsh Bac. The qualification requires learners to complete a ‘Core Programme’ designed to improve existing skills and build on subject/personal interests plus for ‘option’ subject qualifications. The emphasis is on ‘learning by doing’ and the ‘core programme’ is largely covered by learning experiences already in place, e.g. work experience, PSHE

Qualification Requirements

4 GCSE or equivalent at BTEC/NVQ
+ core programme of:

Key Skills

Communication, application by number, information and communications technology, working with others, problem solving and improving own learning and performance. To be developed and evidence through options and other core components (see below).

Wales, Europe and the World

Must include a language module at a level suitable to the learner (need not be formal qualification, evidence of study sufficient). Study of Wales and relationship with Europe and the World. Evidence may come from options and study from ESDGC work in PHSE + could be focus of individual investigation (see below).

Work Related Education

Work experience together with an enterprise activity. Evidence will be work experience preparation and diary + learners in enterprise team may use projects + additional activity in discreet WBQ lessons/form time.

Personal and Social Education

Study of family, health, relationships, citizenship and sustainable development + an activity in the local community. Evidence may come from options and from discreet lessons. Any area may also be focus of the individual investigation.

Individual Investigation

Research into an area of interest from options or core components. Evidence may be a ‘project’ in any or mixed format including written information, powerpoint presentation, photographic or video evidence, presentation or poster.